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Wednesday December 4, 2013

From: A School Administrator
I would like to thank you very much for your time, energy and words of wisdom and encouragement.  Our faculty thought that your presentations were very informative and after reading all of the evaluations, there are many things they will take with them to practice in the classrooms with our students.  You are right – without having the right mindset, it will be impossible to connect with a student so their eyes may open and see the “turn around teacher” that stands before them.  I also want to thank you for taking time to speak with my students.  I am positive that after your visit, many of our faculty and staff are better equipped to meet certain challenges, and will rise to the occasion and make [our school] a beacon of education. 
From: A High School Instructional Aide
Thank you so much for coming to our school. This was so "on-time" for our faculty and students. Thanks for tackling the "tuff stuff". As an Assistant I could listen to you for more than 1 hour. Attempts will be made to get your
presentation for our "All Day"-- TA Professional Development that the District
offers for Paraprofessionals. We do appreciate you taking time to inspire, motivate so we can implement what we have heard.
Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012
Subject: Thank You
Hi Dr. Thompson- I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for speaking at our 2012 Magnet Institute.  Some quotes from participants on feedback forms: “Her presentation was so personal and well-researched!  There is NO way any educator will not grow in his/her thinking/practice after really taking Gail’s advice to heart! What a GREAT educator and thinker!”“Dr. Gail Thompson’s personal story is SO powerful, she has inspired me to try harder at school.”“Gail Thompson is very inspirational and motivating.  Her stories are moving, as are her statistics.  She has a great teaching style.  Good combination of lecture, discussion, and interaction.”“Continued inspiration to study racial issues in education.”“Gail was fantastic!”“I liked the wealth of experience and knowledge shared by Dr. Thompson today. She isso real!  I totally enjoyed and appreciated her style/approach.” These are just a few of many highlights.  Thank you so much for inspiring our teachers!


Cheryl CamachoDirector of Magnet Programs    Champaign Unit 4 Schools


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear Dr. Thompson:

Thank you so much for your inspirational words to our Lancaster School District in Lancaster, CA last week. Your observations, research, and practical suggestions can be applied right away as we begin another challenging year of education in 2009! . . . I will look forward to other presentations by you, as the parent component would be wonderful for our district parents.

Bless you as you continue your work and message.


August 4, 2009: from a Lancaster Elementary School District middle school teacher

Dr. Thompson:

You "Broke It Down To The Very Last Compound!!!" Our district needed to hear your story and listen to what you had to say. . . .I just wanted to let you know there are a lot of people who share your thoughts and are doing something about it . . . . I eat lunch with my students daily and they all know me. I am still in touch with my former students if you need to interview students.


March 15, 2009: from an educator and community activist

Greetings from Seattle Dr. Thompson, 

First, I saw you a few years ago on Tony Brown's Journal being interviewed about "Through Ebony Eyes". I was so moved that I ordered it immediately. . . . I hope that one day that your schedule will permit you to be a Keynote at our conference or you can facilitate a 1-Day workshop for us.



February 18, 2009: from a counselor at a Catholic high school in northern California

Hello Wonderful Woman,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to (our school) last week and sharing your stories, your expertise and your experience with our faculty. Your presentations were very well received and I received many, many positive comments from the faculty about the insightful, helpful, practical and touching things you shared. We are blessed to have had. . . you on campus. 

Thank you for the work you have done, are doing and will continue to do. Your efforts are making a very POSITIVE difference in many lives.

Again, thanks very much.


September 9, 2008: from the President/CEO of an Educational Organization

Dr. Thompson:

I heard you speak two years ago at the College Board's Dream Deferred conference and mentioned that I would love for you to present at one of our institutes. . . . Would you be willing to present your awesome work based on your book entitled Through Ebony Eyes?


August 18, 2008: from a high school teacher in northern California

Hello Dr. Thompson:

I contacted you last year about possibly speaking to the faculty at my high school but my principal could not find a date. Now, I have been given the "green light" and have been asked to contact you about possible dates and your speaking fee. My colleague and I attended your session at the College Board's summit on African-American student achievement in Los Angeles about a year-and-a half ago. The topic that my principal would like to focus on is teacher expectations and students of color. . . .I enjoyed your presentation immensely in LA and would love for my colleagues to be able to hear what you have to say! 

Thank you so much!